In my mind a library has become one of the most romantic places on earth. A place stuffed with books and magazines. A cosy and simple place where I feel at ease, even though I am also attracted to those places like the world’s most impressive library: the Trinity College Library.

Books have always been very important to me.

A book is the conveyor of knowledge, information, distraction, relaxation, escape from reality or from myself… a means to achieve my goals, a possibility to improve myself, harvest ideas, boost creativity and so much more.

A book is something I can loose myself in, while living the emotions and adventures of the book’s protagonists, travelling their travels, looking through their eyes. It is a bit like watching a catchy film, but then actually, it is not. When you watch a film your images are ready for consumption, while in a book the description of a view or a situation leaves still a lot of room for your own imagination!

This makes me reflect about our mind. In previous posts I wrote about mental well-being and said that our mind tends to play tricks on us. Our mind may, mostly when we aren’t aware of its potentials, be able to let us live things with more focus on negative events than is actually necessary. This might affect our mental health.

However, it may bring us also to live the marvels I previously mentioned while reading a book or  while using our imagination and creativity. Creativity is our mind’s offspring and so are the things that we experience when reading a book. That’s our beautiful mind with all it amazing possibilities!

Even though I mostly read e-books currently, except for art books or books that I regularly need to refer to or study from, I would nevertheless like to create a dedicated space to dream away on the wings of my mind. A comfy and quiet place where I can curl up, use my imagination and flick through pages of art books or get drawn into the adventures of a novel. A place where I can imagine a quiet beach when outside the wind howls and drowsy weather keeps me indoors. A place where I can sip from a mug with warm chai or a large latte while I reflect on my next creative project.

And if I won’t be able to reserve some room for this personal project, I will just imagine it 😉

Dec 20, 2021