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mental healing through clay

About My Creations

Working with clay makes me feel good. It gives me great satisfaction to make something beautiful from a formless and sticky heap of clay.

Among my ceramics you can find:

  • signature sculptures,
  • decorative pieces,
  • one-of-a kind functional ware,
  • commissioned work


Through Clay

My mission is to offer an oasis of stress-free creativity. A “me-time” to invest in ourselves outside the demanding life of a household or work, to connect, to talk, to learn something new, and possibly try and maybe getting involved in a rewarding hobby or activity.

Bespoke Pottery, Restoration and Advise

In case you have particular requirements in relation to bespoke ceramics or pottery restoration works and alike, please do not hesitate to contact me. I am fond of particular challenges and am mostly willing to help if I can, to meet your specific requests.

My recurring classes

wheel initiation

Wheel Throwing

Making vessels on the potters wheel has gained greatly in popularity recently. Everybody will be able to take something off the wheel, but we try to leave stress out of the door.

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Glaze decoration

Glaze decoration

You can choose to decorate a piece that you have thrown yourself in a wheel throwing class or a piece you can choose among available bisque fired pieces.

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Hand building initiation

Hand building

Forming vessels by hand is the most ancient form of art by mankind.

It is amazing what your hands and some rudimentary tools can do.

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wheel trowing advanced class

Full Cycle Pottery Course

If you are hooked, try this cycle of 5 Monday night classes. This includes four throwing sessions and one session dedicated to glazing your best three pieces.

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A little bit about me

My name is Elisa; I am a woman, a mum, a daughter, a friend and a wife… and a passionate ceramicist/potter.

I am happily married, and I am the proud mum of three children. Both my husband and I are Italian.

I started working with clay during a difficult time in my life back in 2014. As soon as I was introduced to ceramics, I was immediately hooked. Clay and the potters wheel quickly became my passion, my go-to activity when I need some me-time and stress relief. Working with clay makes me feel connected to myself and centered.

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